Simple Water Level Indicator with Buzzer

In this electronics project, I have explained how to make a simple Water Level Indicator using the BC547 transistor. A buzzer is also connected with the water tank level indicator circuit, so when the water level reaches maximum level the buzzer with starts along with indicator LEDs.

water level indicator

I have made this circuit on a DIY PCB made with a plastic sheet. So anyone can make this mini-project at home.

Water Level Indicator Circuit Diagram

Water Level Indicator Circuit

The circuit is very simple, You can easily make this project with some basic electronics components.

Here I have used only BC547 NPN transistor to sense the water level. With the switch (S1) you can turn ON\OFF the buzzer.

I have used a 5V DC supply, but if you want to use 12V DC supply, then use the 12V DC buzzer (no other changes required).

PCB Layout for Water Tank Level Indicator

Please download the PCB layout, then print it on the A4 page.

Please check the PCB size while printing, it should be the same as mentioned.

You can also download the PCB Gerber file.

Required Components:

  • 1k Resistors 4no
  • 10k Resistors 4no
  • BC547 NPN Transistors 4no
  • 5-mm LEDs 4no
  • DC Buzzer (5V)
  • Switch
  • Terminal connector
  • 5V DC Supply

Tutorial Video on this Mini Project

In this tutorial video, I have explained all the steps to make the homemade PCB for the automatic water level indicator circuit. To make the PCB I have used an acrylic sheet.

How to make homemade PCB for this Mini Project

In the following steps, I have explained how to make the homemade PCB using a plastic sheet for this mini-project.

  1. Print the PCB Layout and stick it on a plastic sheet

    Download the PCB layout and print it on the A4 page. While printing please check the PCB dimension mentioned on the PCB layout. Then stick the layout on a plastic sheet.
    (Please refer to the tutorial video). Print the PCB Layout

  2. Drill the holes for the components on the PCB

    Then, drill the holes as per the PCB layout for components. Here, I have used a 555 DC motor to drill the holes. You can also use a hand drill for drilling. Drill the holes on PCB

  3. Place all the components as shown on the PCB layout

    After that, place all the components on the PCB as marked on the PCB. Please take care of the polarity of the transistors and LEDs.Place components on PCB

  4. Connect & Solder all the components as per the Layout

    Here I have used extra leads of the components to connect those components as per the layout.
    Then Solder all the components.Connect all the components

  5. The DIY PCB for Water Level Sensor is ready

    Now connect the wires for sensing the water level in the tank. Then connect the 5V DC supply with the PCB. Our circuit is ready to sense the water level.water level indicator PCB

Testing the Water Tank level sensor Project

For demonstration, I have used a small water glass to show you how the water level indicator circuit works. You can use this circuit in any water tank to sense the water level.

Testing water level indicator circuit

Please share your feedback on this mini-project and also let me know if you have any queries.

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I hope you have liked this electronics project, Thank you for your time.

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