Automatic Infrared Water Tap


In this mini-project, I will make an automatic water tap under ₹300 / $5 only. I will use an IR proximity sensor and a 12v solenoid valve to make this automatic infrared water tap. I have not used any microcontroller for this automatic infrared water tap.

Automatic Infrared Water TAP

Place your hands or dishes under the automatic tap to activate the IR sensor, the water will release from the tap. The water will automatically stop after removing the object.

Here, I have used the Active High IR proximity sensor. But if you use an Active Low IR Proximity sensor then the circuit will be different, so I have shared both circuit diagrams.

If the output pin of the IR sensor becomes LOW when it detects any object then refer the Active Low IR sensor circuit, otherwise, refer the Active High IR sensor circuit.

Circuit for Active Low IR Sensor:

Circuit Diagram Active Low IR Sensor:
Circuit for Active Low IR Sensor

Circuit for Active High IR Sensor:

Infrared water tap circuit
Circuit for Active High IR Sensor
Automatic Water Tap connections
Here, I have used Active High IR sensor

Component List:

  1. IR Proximity Sensor – 1no
  2. 12V Solenoid Valve – 1no
  3. 220-ohm 0.25watt Resistor – 1no
  4. 1k 0.25watt Resistor – 1no
  5. 1N4007 Diode 1no
  6. TIP122 NPN Transistor – 1no (for Active High IR Sensor)
  7. TIP32C PNP Transistor – 1no (for Active Low IR Sensor)
  8. DC connector – 1no
  9. 12 volt DC Adaptor – 1no

IR Proximity Sensor:

IR Proximity Sensor

The IR proximity sensor can detect the presence of any nearby objects without any physical contact.

IR module circuit
How does the IR proximity sensor works?

1. The IR emitter LED emits infrared continuously.
2. When any object comes within the range, the infrared falls on that object and some amount of infrared reflects from that object.
3. Then the refected infrared sensed by the IR receiver LED.
4. The voltage across the IR receiver LED changes proportional to the amount of reflected infrared.
5. Then we compare the voltage with the predefined value by the LM358 comparator.
6. If the voltage crosses the predefined limit the output pin of the LM358 IC becomes high.
Thus the IR proximity sensor can detect the presence of the nearby objects without any physical contact.

Tutorial Video:

How the IR controlled Water Tap works?

When someone places a hand under the water tap,
1) The IR proximity sensor detects the hand.
2) Then the output pin of the IR proximity sensor becomes high.
3) The transistor TIP122 turns on, as the output pin of the IR sensor is connected with the base of the NPN transistor (TIP122).
4) So the current can flow through the coil of the solenoid valve and the valve opens.
5) When the hand removed, the output pin of the IR sensor becomes low.
6) Due to no positive pulse at the BASE, the NPN transistor turns off.
7) As no current can flow through the coil of the solenoid valve. So the valve closes.

Solder the components as per circuit

Automatic Water Tap connections

Now connect all the components as per the circuit diagram.

Testing the Automatic Water Tap:

Testing the Automatic Water Tap

Now, if I place my hand close to the IR proximity sensor the solenoid valve should turn on.

Placing all the component inside:

Placing the circuit inside

​Now, I will place the circuit inside the housing carefully. Please use proper insulation to avoid any short circuits.

Fitting the Automatic Tap:

Automatic Tap fitting

As you can see in the picture, the Automatic infrared water tap can be easily mounted with an existing pipeline.

Finally, the Automatic Water Tap is ready to use:

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      You don’t need any custom PCB for this project. Just buy an IR proximity sensor from Amazon (Cost Rs 75) Then refer the Active low IR proximity sensor circuit from the blog. Thank you.

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    How can I diffretiate a low active and high active sensor. Please EXPLAIN to me as I am a beginner.

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      When the IR sensor detects any object, the output pin of active low sensor will become low, and the active high type will give high output. Most of the sensor is active low type.

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