LED chaser lights with 555 timer

In this electronics project, I have explained how to make simple LED chaser lights with CD4017 & 555 timer IC.

LED chaser Project

In this article, I have shared the required components, complete circuit diagram, PCB layout, and all other details for this simple 555 timer project.

LED chaser Circuit Diagram

LED chaser circuit

To make this simple LED chaser circuit I have used a 555 timer & 4017 IC. Here the 555 timer IC will generate the clock pulse for CD4017 IC. Then 4017 IC will blink the LEDs in sequence as per the signal in the clock pin (14).

I have used a 5V DC supply, but you can also use the 12V DC supply (no changes required for 12V).

PCB Layout for LED chaser Lights

PCB Layout LED chaser

Please download the PCB layout, then print it on the A4 page.

Please check the PCB size while printing, it should be the same as mentioned.

You can also download the PCB Gerber file for this project.

Required Components for LED chaser

LED chaser components
  • 555 Timer IC
  • CD4017 IC
  • 10nF capacitor
  • 10uF capacitor
  • 1k resistor
  • 10k resistor
  • 10k POT
  • 5-mm LEDs
  • IC Base
  • Terminal connector

Tutorial Video on this 555 timer Project

In this tutorial video, I have explained all the steps to make the homemade PCB for the LED chaser light circuit. To make the PCB I have used an acrylic sheet.

How to make DIY PCB using plastic sheet

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Testing the running LED chaser circuit

Testing LED chaser

Now connect the DC supply (5V/12V). You can vary the speed of this running LED chaser by rotating the potentiometer or trimmer.

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