LED Flasher Circuit using RGB LED


In this project I have made a LED flasher circuit using the RGB LEDs. You have to supply 12v DC at the input of this circuit and connect the 12v LED strip at the output. You can also connect multiple LEDs at the output of this simple LED blinker circuit.

LED Flasher Circuit:

LED flasher Circuit with RGB LED

The circuit for this LED Flasher is very simple and can be designed with some basic components.

Required Component for the Flashing LED

  1. RGB LED 5mm 3no
  2. TIP122 NPN Transistor 1no
  3. 10k Resistor 1no
  4. 12V DC Adaptor
  5. LED strip 12V

Breadboard Schematic:

LED flasher Circuit on breadboard
How the LED Flasher circuit works?

In the circuit, I have connected 3 RGB LEDs in series. After giving power supply these RGB LEDs start blinking in a sequence manner and the voltage across the LED also varies as it changes the color.
As the Base of the TIP122 NPN transistor connected in series with the RGB LEDs so each time the RGB LED blinks a small electric pulse fed to the base of the transistor.
When the positive pulse received at the base of the NPN transistor, the transistor turns on and the current can flow Collector to the Emitter of the transistor.
When the transistor turns on, the 12v LED strip connected with the Collector of the transistor also turns on.
Thus the 12v LED strip also starts blinking with the RGB LED.

LED blinker with RGB LED

Tutorial video of LED Flasher:

Pictures of LED Flasher project

Please do share your feedback on this mini-project and also let me know if you have any queries regarding this flashing LED project.

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