LED 220V AC circuit with Calculation


In this project, I have explained how to connect LEDs with 220 Volt AC supply with the circuit diagram. I have also explained how to design a transformerless power supply LED 220V AC circuit with calculation.

LED with 220V AC

Circuit Diagram:

LED 220V AC circuit diagram

The LED 220V AC circuit is very simple and efficient. Here I have connected 8 LEDs (5-mm, 3V) in series and supply the circuit using a transformerless power supply.

Required components for this 220V LED circuit:

  1. 0.22uF 400V AC capacitor
  2. 100uF 35V DC capacitor
  3. 560-ohm 1-watt resistor
  4. 1M 0.25-watt resistor
  5. 1N4007 Diode (4no)
  6. 5-mm LEDs (3V) (8no)
  7. Zero PCB

Make the LED 220V AC circuit on Breadboard

LED circuit on Breadboard

First, I have made the circuit on the breadboard for testing. In the tutorial video, I have measured all the voltage with the multimeter to show how the circuit works.

Tutorial Video on LED 220V AC circuit:

In this video, I have explained all the details for this LED 220V AC circuit.

Calculation for Transformerless Power Supply

transformerless power supply calculation

To design any capacitor drop transformerless power supply, first, we have to calculate the capacitance value.

How to Calculate the Capacitance value for transformerless power supply?

1. We should know the input voltage (Vrms) and the required output voltage (Vreq) and current (Iout).

2. Calculate the impedance (Z).
Z=((Vrms X 1.41) – Vreq) / Iout

3. Calculate the required Capacitance (C) value.
C =1/ (2 X 3.14 X frequency X Z)

I have explained in details in the tutorial video.

Make the LED circuit on PCB

LED 220V AC circuit on PCB

After testing the LED circuit on the breadboard, I have made the circuit on zero PCB.

Place the PCB inside a Box

Placed the PCB inside a Box

As, we are using 220V AC supply, so I have placed the PCB inside a plastic box to avoid any shock hazard.

Always take proper safety precaution while connecting 220 Volt supply.


LED night lamp

Now I can easily connect the circuit with 220V AC supply. Here I will use this LED circuit as a night lamp.

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