Speed control of DC motor using PWM with 555 IC


In this 555 timer project, I have shown how to make speed control of DC motor using PWM with a 555 timer IC circuit. You can control the speed of any DC motors like 775 or 555 motors with this 555 timer circuit.

controlling motor speed

This 555 timer circuit also can be use as the LED dimmer circuit

Circuit of PWM motor speed control

PWM motor speed control circuit
Motor Speed Controller circuit with 555

The circuit is very simple, I have used 555 IC and some basic electronics components to make this speed control of dc motor using PWM.

Here I have used TIP122 NPN power transistor, but you can also use IRFZ44N mosfet.

The collector current of the transistor or drain current of the MOSFET should be greater than the DC motor MAX current rating.

PCB Layout for PWM 555 Timer circuit

PWM motor speed control PCB layout

Please download the PCB layout, then print it on the A4 page.

Please check the PCB size while printing, it should be the same as mentioned

Required Components:

  1. 555 Timer IC
  2. TIP122 NPN transistor (You can also use MOSFET IRFZ44N)
  3. 1N4007 diodes (3no)
  4. 5-mm LED
  5. 1k 0.25-watt Resistors (3no)
  6. 10k 0.25-watt Resistors (1no)
  7. 100k Potentiometer (1no)
  8. 100nF Capacitor (C2) (1no)
  9. 10nF Capacitor (C1) (1no)
  10. Connectors
  11. Zero PCB or cardboard

Tutorial Video on PWM Speed Control

In this tutorial video, I have shown all the steps to make the speed control of dc motor using pwm with 555 timer circuit.

So please watch the complete video for better understanding.

How to make 555 timer circuit on PCB

Time needed: 1 hour.

Steps for making the volt level indicator circuit on PCB:

  1. Print the PCB Layout and stick it on Acrylic sheet or cardboard

    While printing please check the PCB dimension mentioned in the PCB layoutMaking the PCB

  2. Drill the holes for the components on the PCB

    Here I have used 1-mm drill bit for drilling on PCB.drilling the holes on PCB

  3. Place the components as shown on the PCB layout

    Place all the components on the PCB as shown on the layout.placing all components

  4. Connect all components as shown on the PCB Layout.

    Here I have use the leads of components.Connect all components

  5. Solder all the components on PCB

    soldering components

  6. The PCB for PWM 555 Timer circuit is ready.

    DC Motor speed control PCB

Connect the DC Motor

speed control of DC motor using PWM
Controlling DC Motor Speed

Connect any DC motor and give the 12 Volt DC supply at input.

Now you can easily control the speed of the DC motor by rotating the potentiometer.

As this circuit use PWM, so this is also energy efficient.

LED Dimmer with 555 circuit

LED Dimmer with 555
Controlling LED brightness

You can also use this circuit as LED dimmer to control the brightness of LED lights.

Please share your feedback on this mini-project and also let me know if you have any queries.

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I hope you have liked this electronics project, Thank you for your time.

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