4017 LED chaser Circuit Diagram with RGB LED


In this mini-project, I have shown how to make 4017 LED chaser circuit diagram only using RGB LED. You can easily make this simple led chaser circuit using only CD4017.

4017 LED Chaser project

In this article, I have shared the circuit diagram, PCB layout, and all other details for this simple 4017 project.

Circuit Diagram of LED chaser

4017 LED Chaser circuit diagram

To make this simple LED chaser circuit I have used only a 4017 IC. Here the flashing RGB LED will generate the clock pulse for CD4017 IC. Then 4017 IC will blink the LEDs in sequence as per the signal in the clock pin (14).

4017 LED chaser Schematic Diagram

4017 LED Chaser schematic

This the schematic of the 10 LED chaser with only 4017 IC.

Here I have used a 9-volt adapter to supply the circuit. If you use the 9V battery then you may have to connect multiple batteries in parallel to supply the LED chaser circuit.

PCB Layout for 4017 LED chaser Circuit

4017 LED Chaser PCB Layout

Please download the PCB layout, then print it on the A4 page.

Please check the PCB size while printing, it should be the same as mentioned in Layout.

Required Components:

  1. CD4017 IC
  2. 470-ohm 0.25-watt Resistors (2no) (R1, R2)
  3. RGB Flashing LED (5-mm)
  4. 5-mm LEDs (10 nos)
  5. Connector & IC Base
  6. 9V DC Adaptor
  7. Acrylic sheet or cardboard.

CD4017 IC Pinout

CD4017 Pinout
CD4017 Pinout

Tutorial Video on this 4017 Circuit

In this tutorial video, I have shown all the steps to make the simple LED chaser using 4017. I have also shown how to make PCB for this circuit from the acrylic sheet or cardboard.

So please watch the complete video for better understanding.

How to make PCB for this 4017 Project

4017 LED Chaser PCB making

Steps for making the volt level indicator circuit on PCB:

Step 1: Print the PCB Layout and stick it on Acrylic sheet or cardboard

While printing please check the PCB dimension mentioned in the PCB layout. After downloading the PCB layout, you can print the word file (.docx) on the A4 page.

making PCB step 1

Step 2: Drill the holes for the components on the PCB

Now, drill the holes on the PCB for components as per the PCB layout. Here, I have use 555 DC motor to drill the holes. You can also use hand drill for drilling.

Drilling Holes

Step 3: Place Connect all the components as shown on the PCB layout

After that place all the components on the PCB as marked on the PCB. Here I have used extra leads of the components to connect those components.

connecting the components

After that I have soldered all the components as per the circuit diagram.

4017 LED Chaser PCB

Now, our 4017 LED chaser PCB is ready.

Connect 9V DC Supply

4017 LED Chaser project

Here I have connect 9V DC adapter to supply the circuit.

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