Music Rhythm LED Flashlight Circuit

In this electronics project, I have shown how to make a Music Rhythm LED Flash Light circuit using the BC547, TIP122, and Microphone on the breadboard and design a PCB for this circuit. You can connect multiple LED strip lights with this circuit and all connected LED strips will blink with the music rhythm.

Music Rhythm LED Flashlight

The microphone will sense the music rhythm and generate an electric pulse which will amplify by the transistors BC547 & TIP122. Then the connected LED strip will start blinking.

I have shared the circuit diagram, breadboard schematic and all the required details for this Music Rhythm LED Flasher project, so you can easily make this Music Rhythm LED Flash Light at home.

Circuit of Music Rhythm LED

Music Rhythm LED Flashlight circuit

How the music rhythm LED circuit works:

  1. The music rhythm is sensed by the microphone and the microphone converts the sound into electric pulses.
  2. Then the electric pulses are fed to the base of the BC547 NPN transistor, the transistor amplifies the electric pulse signal.
  3. After that, the amplified signal is fed to the base of the TIP122 NPN power transistor. For the positive pulse at the base, the TIP122 transistor turns on.
  4. The 12V LED strips are connected with the collector pin of the TIP122 transistor. So when the TIP122 transistor turns on the current can flow through the 12V LED strips, and the LED strips turn on. When the TIP122 transistor turns off the current can not flow through the 12V LED strips, so the LED strips turn off.

Required Components:

Required Components
  1. 1k 0.25-watt Resistors 2no
  2. 10k 0.25-watt Resistors 2no
  3. 1M 0.25-watt Resistor 1no
  4. BC547 NPN Transistor 1 no
  5. TIP122 NPN Power Transistor 1no
  6. 0.1uF Capacitor 1 no
  7. LEDs 5-mm 1.5Volt 2no (optional)
  8. Condenser Microphone 1no
  9. Terminal Connectors
  10. 12volt LED strips or flashlight
  11. 12V DC Adapter

Designing the PCB

Music Rhythm LED PCB

After testing the circuit on the breadboard, I have designed the PCB for this electronics project.

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Placing Components on the PCB

Placing Components on the PCB

Now, place all the components as marked on the PCB. After that solder all the components.

Testing the Music Rhythm LED Circuit

Testing the Music Rhythm LED Circuit

Connect any 12V LED strip at the output. You can also connect multiple LED strips in parallel.

Then connect the 12V DC supply at input. The current rating depends on the TIP122 transistor. You can also use MOSFET instead of the transistor.

Now the LED strip should blink with the music rhythm.

Flashing LED with music rhythm

Please share your feedback on this mini-project and also let me know if you have any queries.

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I hope you have liked this project, Thank you for your time.