IR Sensor Switch with IC 4017 project

In this 4017 project, I have shown how to make an IR sensor switch using the 4017 IC and 1738 IR receiver IC to control an AC lamp from any IR remote without using any microcontroller or Arduino. You also control the lamp manually from the push button.

IR sensor switch with CD4017

To control the lamp you just have to press any button on IR remote, and to turn it off you have to press the button again. You can use any IR remote.

Circuit of IR Sensor Switch

Circuit of IR Sensor Switch

The IR remote switch circuit is very simple. I have used the CD4017 and TSOP1738 IR receiver IC to make this IR sensor switch. Use a 1000uF capacitor as C1 to avoid any issue.

IR sensor switch schematic

How the IR Sensor Switch works

  1. When anyone presses the IR remote button, it emits an infrared signal, the 1738 IR receiver detects the IR signal, and the output pin of 1738 becomes LOW.
  2. The Base of the BC557 PNP transistor connected with the output pin of the 1738 IC. So when 1738 output becomes LOW the BC557 PNP transistor turns on.
  3. The BC557 connected with the CLK pin (pin 14) of CD4017 IC. When the BC557 turns on, the CD4017 CLK pin receives a HIGH pulse.
  4. Each time the CLK pin of CD4017 received a HIGH pulse, the state of the PIN-2 of CD4017 changes. For example, if the current state of PIN-2 is LOW, after receiving a clock pulse the PIN-2 will become HIGH till the next clock pulse.
  5. If the PIN-2 becomes HIGH, the BC547 NPN transistor turns ON, and the current can flow through the relay coil. so the load connected with the relay also turns on.
  6. If the IR remote button pressed second time, the CD4017 will receive the next clock pulse at PIN-14. So the PIN-2 will change the state (HIGH to LOW). Then the BC547 transistor will turn off and accordingly the load connected with the really also turn off.

PCB Layout of the IR Sensor Switch

PCB Layout of the IR Sensor Switch

Please download the PCB layout, then print it on the A4 page.

Please check the PCB size while printing, it should be the same as mentioned in Layout.

Required Components for the IC 4017 Project:

  1. 100uF DC 16V capacitors 2no
  2. 1000uF 16V DC capacitor
  3. 0.1 uF Capacitor
  4. 220-ohm 0.25-watt resistors 3 no
  5. 10k 0.25-watt resistor
  6. 270k 0.25-watt resistor
  7. BC557 PNP Transistor
  8. BC547 NPN Transistor
  9. CD4017 IC
  10. TSOP 1738 IR Receiver
  11. 1N4007 Diode
  12. 5-volt SPDT Relay
  13. Push Button
  14. 5 volt DC source.

Tutorial Video on IR Remote Light Switch

In the tutorial video, I have explained all the steps to make the homemade PCB for the infrared remote switch circuit. To make the PCB I have used an acrylic sheet.

PCB for the infrared remote switch circuit

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How to make homemade PCB for the IC 4017 Project

Steps for making the IR sensor control light switch on PCB:

homemade PCB for IR sensor switch

Step 1: Print the PCB Layout and stick it on Acrylic sheet

While printing please check the PCB dimension mentioned in the PCB layout. After downloading the PCB layout, you can print the word file (.docx) on the A4 page (Please refer to the tutorial video).

Drill the holes for the components

Step 2: Drill the holes for the components on the PCB

Now, drill the holes on the PCB for components as per the PCB layout. You can also use a hand drill or DC motor for drilling.

Place Connect all the components

Step 3: Place & Connect all the components as shown on the PCB layout

After that place all the components on the PCB as marked on the PCB. Here I have used extra leads of the components to connect those components for soldering.

PCB for IR sensor Switch

Now, our IR Remote control Light Switch PCB is ready.

Testing the IR Sensor Switch circuit

Now connect the 5V DC supply and AC bulb as per the circuit.

Please take proper safety precautions while working with 110V \220V AC voltage.

Controlling the light from IR remote
Controlling the light from IR Remote

Now, press any button on the IR remote the lamp will turn on. to turn off the lamp press the button again.

Controlling the light from the push-button
Controlling the light from the push-button

You can also use the push-button to control the lamp manually.

IR Remote Control Switch

** Please use a 1000uF capacitor across the input.

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