5V Power Supply Circuit using 7805 Regulator

In this mini-project, I have shown how to make 5 volt DC supply using 7805 voltage regulator. You can use this 5V DC power supply to supply different electronics projects.

5V Power Supply Circuit Diagram

5V Power Supply Circuit

The circuit is very simple. To make this 5V DC power supply I have used a 7805 linear voltage regulator.

Required Components:

Required Components
  1. 7805 voltage regulator (5V)
  2. 0.1uF Capacitors (2nos)
  3. 470uF Capacitor (1 no)
  4. Diode 1N4007 (4nos)
  5. Step Down Transformer [230/110V – 9V]
  6. Connector
  7. Connecting wires
  8. Zero PCB
5v power supply working

How does the 5V Power Supply work?

First, we are using a step-down transformer [Secondary rating 9Volt & 1 Amp] to step down 230V/ 110V AC supply to 9-Volt AC. Then we rectify the 9V AC to 9 V DC using a diode bridge rectifier [Full wave rectifier]. After the rectifier, we have used Capacitors to filter the ripple from the circuit and fed it to the input of the 7805 voltage regulator. 7805 regulates the 9 volt DC to 5 Volt DC and at the output of 7805 ic, we get constant 5 Volt DC output.

Tutorial Video on 5V DC Supply Circuit

In this tutorial video, I have shown all the steps to make this 5V DC Supply circuit on zero PCB.

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Making the 5V DC Supply on zero PCB

5V DC supply on PCB

As the circuit is very simple, so you can easily make the 5V DC supply on Zero PCB.

In this case, I have drawn the circuit on the PCB, then I have places all the components as per the circuit.

solder the components

After placing the components, just solder all the components on PCB. And connect the secondary of step down transformer with bridge rectifier.

testing the 5V DC supply

After that turn on the supply and check the output voltage using a multimeter.

You can also use heatsink with 7805 regulator.

Now, you can use this simple 5V supply for different electronics projects.

5V DC supply for Arduino Projects
Tachometer using Arduino Nano

Here, I have used the 5V power supply to supply 5V to one of my Arduino projects.

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