Atmega328P without Arduino PCB Design

Atmega328P microcontroller:

The ATmega328P is a high-performance picoPower 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller having 32KB ISP flash memory with read-while-write capabilities created by Atmel from the megaAVR family.

Atmega indicates the family name
32 indicates the 32 KB Flash Memory
8 indicates an 8-bit processor
P indicates picoPower (Consumes very low power)

Atmega328P Pinout

Atmega328P Pinout
Atmega328P Pinout

I have mentioned all the Atmega328 pinout details with related Arduino functions. So this pinout diagram will be very helpful as you can easily identify the digital and analog I/O pins of the Atmega328P microcontroller.

Atmega328P without Arduino circuit

Atmega328P circuit

Before designing the DIY Arduino PCB, I have made the complete circuit on the breadboard for testing. You can also use a 5V mobile charger to supply the circuit.

In this tutorial video, I have explained how make Arduino circuit on breadboard using Atmega328P microcontroller.

Required Components

  1. ATmega328P with bootloader
  2. 16MHz Crystal
  3. LED 5-mm
  4. 10k & 470-ohm Resistors
  5. 22pF Capacitors 2no
  6. 100nF (104) Capacitor
  7. 10uF Capacitors 2no
  8. AMS1117 5v Regulator
  9. Push switch
  10. IN4001 Diode
  11. 2mm Pitch Female BERG Strip
  12. FTDI232 USB to Serial
  13. Arduino PCB

Designing the PCB

Atmega328P PCB design

After testing the circuit on the breadboard, I have designed the PCB for this Atmega328P project.

This circuit has all the features of Arduino UNO, but the size is smaller and the cost is also low.

I have ordered the PCB from The PCB quality is very good in this affordable price range. You can also try to order any custom design PCB.

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Steps to order PCB from PCBWay

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Step 2 to order from PCBWay

Then enter the following details:

  1. PCB Size (Length & Width) in mm & PCB quantity
  2. Select masking color for the PCB
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Step-3 to order from PCBWay

Now click on the “Add Gerber Files” to upload the PCB Gerber file.

Then click on the “Submit Order Now” to place the order.

After that they will review the Gerber file and accordingly confirm the order.

In my case, I have received the PCB within a week. It depends on the shipping method you have chosen.

Placing Components on the PCB

placing components

Now, place all the components as marked on the PCB. After that solder all the components.

Atmega328P programming

FTDI232 connections

Here, I have used FTDI232 to program the Atmega328 microcontroller. Connect the FTDI232 USB to TTL converter with microcontroller as shown in the picture above.

Atmega328P projects

Thus you can upload any Arduino sketch to the microcontroller and use this circuit for any arduino project instead of Arduino UNO.

On the PCB I have used a 5V regulator, so you can connect 5V to 12V DC supply at input.

Arduino UNO vs DIY Arduino

Please share your feedback on this Arduino project and also let me know if you have any queries.

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I hope you have liked this project, Thank you for your time.