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Auto cut off Battery Charger cover pic

Automatic Battery Charger Circuit for 12V & 6V Battery

Description: In this electronics project, I have explained how to make automatic battery charger circuit for any battery on the ...
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LED with 220V AC

LED 220V AC circuit with Calculation

Description: In this project, I have explained how to connect LEDs with 220 Volt AC supply with the circuit diagram ...
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LED blinker with RGB LED cover pic

LED Flasher Circuit using RGB LED

Description: In this project I have made a LED flasher circuit using the RGB LEDs. You have to supply 12v ...
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Automatic Infrared Water TAP

Automatic Infrared Water Tap

Description: In this mini-project, I will make an automatic water tap under ₹300 / $5 only. I will use an ...
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fire detector with BC547

Fire Detector Alarm with BC547

Description: In this project, we will make a simple fire detector alarm circuit using BC547 transistor and IR detector LED ...
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Automatic street light using LDR and BC547 cover pic

Automatic street light using LDR and BC547

Description: This is an automatic street light circuit using LDR and BC547 on the breadboard. With this simple automatic street ...
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LED Dimmer 555 Timer cover pic

LED Dimmable Lights with 555 Timer

Description: This is a simple 12v LED dimmable circuit using a 555 timer ic. We can easily control LED brightness ...
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